Installation Guides

Installation of Countertops

After scribing countertops to fit the walls, lay out the pieces of top to be assembled. Glue one edge of the mitre using sufficient glue to squeeze out of the joint when assembled. Starting from the front of the mitre, line top and tighten 1st bolt slightly. Move on the 2nd., 3rd. and 4th bolts as you even the surface of the top.

1.) With top well supported use a block of wood and a hammer to finish aligning the top surface.

2.) Finish tightening up the mitre bolts.

3. Draw backslash together using 1-6 penny box nail driven in from each side of the counter.

4.) Clean excess glue from the top by using a damp cloth.

5.) Select proper color Kampel Seamfil. Clean seam and rub seamfil into the joint.

6.) Let dry 2-3 minutes and scrape off excess seamfil with a scrap of  laminate. Clean seam with seamfil solvent or lacquer thinner.

7.) Repeat process where extra seamfil is needed.

8.) When installing sinks into laminate tops be sure to radius all corners and in all sinks with proper caulking compound.