Attention: Accounts Payable INVOICE PROCEDURE the accounts receivables will be as follows:

1. NO discounts will be given if your check is not in our office within the 10 days allowed, unless you have made other arrangements.

2. NO discounts will be allowed if your account is not up to date.

3. Checks sent for invoices that are current, when you have outstanding invoices on your account, your discounts will not be applied and you will be contacted about your over due balance.

4. For customers whose accounts are out 30 days past due will be put on hold and any future shipments will be C.O.D until account is up to date and approved by management to release the orders.

5. If you are a C.O.D customer, you’ll be required to make payment the day of delivery. There will be a slip with the driver stating the amount owed. If you do not have a check available, the goods will not be left unless prior arrangements have been made with the office.

6. Customers on C.O.D will be reviewed in 6 months.

7. Installations are due in 10 days of invoice (NO DISCOUNTS)

8. Stone jobs are 50% due upfront and the remainder due upon completion (NO DISCOUNTS).

9. Credit Memo’s are good for 90 days only. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call us. Thank you.