In 1964, Aldrich Fabrication Center began when Greg’s father, Ken Aldrich build his first countertop in the basement of his home. At that time he was a teacher at St. Johnsbury Trade School, and the school needed custom made  countertops. It was not long before Ken’s skilled artistry was noticed and he was contracted to built build countertops for Sears and Roebucks in St. Johnsbury. Other local contractors began to request the fine countertops that Ken was creating.

When Greg Aldrich was 10-years-old, he started building countertops with his father, expanding the business to a new generation, and setting the foundation for a company with family values. Greg learned the importance of excellent customer service, outstanding products, and a passion for innovation in the industry which carried over into today’s business. When Greg married Shari they both continued this tradition.

In the 1980’s Aldrich Fabrication Center took a huge leap into the international scene by participating in a housing trade show in Moscow, Russia. Contractors from different countries were hired to build sections of houses at the trade show and Aldrich Fabrication Center worked closely with those contractors the countertop designs, build, and installations.  Aldrich Fabrication Center also worked with the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York, designing and installing new innovative countertops for their buildings.

In 2006, when the entire operation center was lost in a fire, Aldrich’s faced what could have been a huge setback. The entire shop was lost to the fire. Greg and Shari did what would be impossible for most business owners; they persevered and continued to serve their customers the day after the fire. Thankfully, the delivery trucks had been loaded the night before and able to make their next day’s deliveries. The Aldrich’s bought a new building in the heart of downtown St. Johnsbury. After a month of preparations and equipment buying, Aldrich Fabrication Center was back servicing their customers.

Today Greg and Shari are proud to have their family, including their young grandchildren, involved in the business every step of the way.